Hi, I'm Ryan. I'm a user interface designer from Kitchener, Ontario. I build rapid prototypes and websites that focus on great user experiences. I'm also interested in front-end development and building cool things like this. Oh, and I create motion graphic videos. On the side I run Clear Mountain Websites.

Web Design & Development

Custom Design  •  Content Architecture  •  Implementation  •  HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Dutchmaster Nurseries
    Dutchmaster Nurseries
  • Solar Drying Systems
    Solar Drying Systems by WCP
  • Toronto Real Estate Rumble
    Toronto Real Estate Rumble
  • Maple Lane Farms Ltd.
    Maple Lane Farms Ltd.
  • K-Line Group of Companies
    K-Line Group of Companies
  • Havlar Inc
    Havlar Inc
  • Crazy Circus
    Crazy Circus
  • Kawa Inc General Contractors
    Kawa Inc General Contractors
  • Agency Wars
    Agency Wars
  • Jan Schloss Family Mediation
    Jan Schloss Family Mediation
  • Space Age Shelving Quinte
    Space Age Shelving Quinte
  • J&K Die Casting Ltd.
    J&K Die Casting

Video & Motion

Motion graphics  •  Animation  •  Video Editing  •  Audio Editing
Motion graphics demo reel
Video projects

Contact Me

I also practice photography in my spare time